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We are a team of osteopaths dedicated to getting you better. Led by clinic principal Jonathan Shaw we have gained a considerable reputation locally for being able to successfully treat patients using a system of diagnosis developed over many years.


We treat you as an individual and are able to treat a wide range of conditions. Most patients come to us with musculoskeletal pain but we are also treat underlying health conditions such as Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Many patients have been surprised to find their condition resolved after years of suffering despite having sought help previously and been left feeling they have to live with their pain.


We are based in the town centre of Ipswich.  We serve the local community and also attract many patients from the neighbouring towns of Woodbridge, Colchester and Bury St. Edmunds.

Back pain and Neck pain

While it is most common to experience pain at the base of the spine, pain is often experienced elsewhere in the spine and will commonly be associated with altered function of the vertebrae.  The origin of the pain may be localized or may be part of an overall pattern of dysfunction in the spine. This also applies to neck pain which may be related to other symptoms such as headaches and migraines.

Osteopaths are able to examine the patient and establish the cause of the pain, unlike other treatments which simply alleviate the symptoms.  Arriving at this diagnosis is the key to resolving both a short term and long term condition and it is something that we focus on here at Ipswich Osteopathy.  As you are taken through a course of treatment, we will constantly be reassessing you to ensure the primary cause of pain is being addressed.

Getting Older

Older patients have often been told that they have to live with their pain as it is assumed that aches and pains are part of the aging process.  In actual fact osteopaths treat people of all ages to great effect and use a range of techniques that are suitable when applied to the elderly.  A lot of these techniques are extremely gentle and yet very effective and can impact the body on a deep level.

Although there will be wear and tear on joints as we age, this need not cause pain as long as normal function and good alignment are maintained.

If we take measures to maintain our muscles and joints in good working order, then we can age without being in pain.  At Ipswich Osteopathy we firmly believe in the importance of maintaining our bodies as we get older and will often reverse years of dysfunction and compensation as we return the body back to a previous state. 


Cranial osteopathy involves feeling the bones of the head and pelvis and addressing any strain that is found. Osteopaths are trained to feel movement and expression within these bones through what is termed the involuntary mechanism.  We believe that this mechanism is a key factor to the health of the central nervous system and therefore consider its optimal function to be very important.

Using subtle movements, corrections can be made to the head and pelvis which will affect their function and therefore influence the central nervous system. 

Conditions such as pregnancy related pains, childhood “growing pains”, special needs and learning difficulties are often treated using cranial osteopathy. Cranial osteopathic treatment can also be incorporated into any treatment and works well in conjunction with more standard manipulative treatment that you may be familiar with.


Children respond very well to osteopathic treatment and often make progress far quicker than adults. Children are assessed and treated in much the same as an adult with adaptations being made according the age and the demands of the child. Treatment will often consist of both cranial and non-cranial or structural techniques and children often find the experience very relaxing.

Making changes to a child’s biomechanics and posture will have a huge impact on their development. Often aches and pains in children are simply attributed to “growing pains”, when in actual fact there is an underlying injury that needs to be treated.

Ipswich Osteopathy specialises in treating toddlers and older children.


Visceral osteopathy relates to the internal organs and the connective tissue that binds them together and attaches them to muscles and bones. In the same way muscles can be strained, organs can suffer similar strain over time as a result of poor function and general postural imbalance.

Visceral Osteopathy would be used to treat conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), asthma, indigestion, pelvic/gynaecological complaints and recurrent urinary infections. Often it is necessary to take a “visceral approach” to a symptom such as back pain in order to correct a long-standing condition.

Similarly children may develop internal strains early in life or secondary to the birth process. Symptoms such as constipation can be addressed in this way.


Ask Us

I cannot praise Jonathan enough for his attention to details and the excellent treatment he has provided over the past year. After years of back pain, and various types of treatment, I decided a new approach was needed as my condition was not improving. A complex set of dependent conditions were identified at the outset and Jonathan has systematically approached and corrected each element in turn and I am now feeling better than at any time in the last five years. My only regret is that I did not discover Jonathan and the Ipswich Osteopathy practice sooner.

M.C. , Ipswich

“Jonathan has worked wonders for me! He has really helped treat my IBS, which I now have hardly any problems with. I feel great after I have seen him.  I didn’t think there was anything else I could do to feel better, until he was recommended to me and I haven’t looked back. If you are struggling with IBS then he’s the person you need to see!”

Jen Grant, Bury St Edmunds

Following an injury I struggled with severe back pain, for which I went down various different avenues seeking a solution, all of which were unsuccessful. I first visited Jonathan five years ago when he systematically analysed and went about treating my back in a methodical, reasoned manner, unpicking the symptoms to diagnose the main cause of my pain. Over time this approach has resulted in a complete transformation.  I am now pain free and able to lead a very active lifestyle, my visits to him now mainly for ‘maintenance’ purposes. Coupled with this, as a sufferer from IBS, Jonathan has been a lifesaver in alleviating the pain associated with this condition, his integral approach, treating the abdomen in conjunction with the back, making complete sense.  I would be lost without him!

HM, Ipswich

In 2010 I had fallen and damaged my shoulder, I visited my doctor and it was beginning to look as though I needed to see an orthopaedic surgeon. After a friend suggested I see Jonathan and many weeks of treatment, my shoulder was successfully repaired. I’m in my late 70’s and still very active, playing 18 holes of golf 2-3 times a week, walking my son’s dogs and doing pilates.

Seeing Jonathan every few weeks allows me to continue enjoying my sporting interests.

I feel extremely blessed to have an osteopath as highly skilled as Jonathan. Knowing that in my later years with any damage that may occur, back problems, hips, strained ligaments and muscles etc……….he will fix it.

Mary, Woodbridge
Jon Shaw

Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in London in 2003.  He has since developed many different facets of osteopathic diagnosis and treatment and been exposed to a huge range of patients in that time.
Jonathan specialises in the treatment of low back and leg pain but also treats visceral complaints and children from toddler age and up. He also works alongside other clinics, as part of a referral network if required, to investigate a condition further or speed up the patients recovery.

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