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Visceral Osteopathy

Very few people would think of osteopaths being able to affect the health of our internal organs. However this branch of osteopathy, termed “visceral osteopathy” is practiced by a number of osteopaths who consider it vital in providing a holistic approach to their patients.

The way it works is that organs have a number of attachments to bones and muscles and also to other organs. This continuity is provided for by connective tissue which weaves between all our internal organs and means essentially that everything is connected. This means that a problem in the digestive system can affect, for example, our kidneys.

For an organ to be healthy is therefore needs other organs and systems to be functioning well. This will mean the organ has the ability to move freely and not simply be stuck to its surrounding tissue.

Osteopaths have the ability to identify strains in the organs and systems and using a subtle approach can “unwind” or unravel these strains, allowing the body to return to its previously healthy state. Conditions such as IBS, urinary problems, chronic pelvic pain, gynaecological complaints and many more can be treated using this visceral approach.

It is also sometimes necessary to take a visceral approach when treating for example a long standing low back complaint. This is because if strain exists in the visceral system this can have a mechanical effect on various low back muscles and even the lumbar vertebrae themselves.

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